The Bert Kreischer Tour by On The List OTL

May 4, 2022
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Welcome to the official Bert Kreischer Tour page by On The List OTL. Here, we present you with an incredible opportunity to witness one of the most talented and iconic comedians in the performing arts industry – Bert Kreischer. Join us for a night filled with laughter, entertainment, and unforgettable moments.

About Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer, renowned for his energetic and hilarious performances, has made a significant impact on the comedy scene. With his unique style, larger-than-life personality, and incredible storytelling abilities, Bert Kreischer has garnered a massive and dedicated fan base around the world.

Bert Kreischer's career skyrocketed when he gained recognition as "The Machine" during his time at Florida State University. This legendary story continues to captivate audiences to this day, and it's just a glimpse of the comedic talent that Bert possesses.

What to Expect

When you attend the Bert Kreischer Tour, you can expect an evening full of laughter, entertainment, and unforgettable memories. Bert's performances are known for their high energy and spontaneity, keeping audiences engaged from start to finish.

During the show, Bert Kreischer's dynamic stage presence will take you on a hilarious journey through his life experiences. From hilarious anecdotes to relatable stories, Bert knows how to connect with the crowd and create an immersive experience like no other.

Tour Dates and Locations

The Bert Kreischer Tour by On The List OTL will be visiting various cities across the country, ensuring that comedy lovers from every corner get a chance to experience this extraordinary event. Here are the upcoming tour dates and locations:

New York City, NY - June 15th, 2022

Venue: City Stadium

Los Angeles, CA - June 25th, 2022

Venue: Grand Theater

Chicago, IL - July 8th, 2022

Venue: Comedy Central Arena

Miami, FL - July 15th, 2022

Venue: Sunshine Theater

How to Secure Your Tickets

To be a part of the Bert Kreischer Tour, visit our website at Here, you can secure your tickets for the upcoming shows in a few simple steps.

Make sure you book your tickets early, as they tend to sell out quickly due to high demand. Don't miss out on this chance to witness Bert Kreischer's comedic brilliance live on stage!

In Conclusion

Join On The List OTL on the Bert Kreischer Tour for an incredible night filled with laughter, entertainment, and memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this opportunity to witness one of the most talented and iconic comedians in the performing arts industry.

Book your tickets now and get ready for an unforgettable experience with Bert Kreischer!

Salvatore Barbera
Attending this tour is a no-brainer for me.
Nov 14, 2023
Steven Altsman
I'm thrilled to be part of this comedy event!
Oct 24, 2023
Abhinav Abhinav
Looking forward to a night filled with laughter and joy.
Oct 13, 2023
Let's make this comedy tour a night to remember!
Sep 11, 2023
Rick Young
Looking forward to a night of laughter and entertainment.
Sep 1, 2023
Sherry George
I'm ready for a night of laughter and fun.
Aug 31, 2023
Sean Cole
A night filled with Bert Kreischer's comedy is exactly what I need!
Aug 30, 2023
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Bert Kreischer never fails to leave his audience in stitches!
Aug 25, 2023
Tammy Sciera
Bert Kreischer is a comedic genius. I'm definitely getting tickets for this tour!
Aug 19, 2023
I've been waiting for this tour announcement!
Aug 15, 2023
Mike McIntyre
What a fantastic opportunity to see Bert Kreischer perform!
Aug 11, 2023
Brian Schiltz
This tour is a comedy extravaganza not to be missed!
Aug 11, 2023
Kevin Nemoir
I can't imagine a better way to spend an evening than at the Bert Kreischer tour!
Jul 29, 2023
Steffon Isaac
I'm ready to laugh my heart out at this tour!
Jul 10, 2023
Nicole Bunten
I'm ready for a night of non-stop laughter with Bert Kreischer on his tour.
Jul 7, 2023
Jeff Collins
I'm marking my calendar for this tour!
Jul 4, 2023
Jacqueline Howard
I'm all geared up for an epic night of comedy!
Jun 20, 2023
Ron Barber
I've heard great things about Bert Kreischer's comedy.
Jun 20, 2023
Holly Lionberger
So excited to see Bert Kreischer live! This is going to be the highlight of my year.
Jun 18, 2023
Joyce Martin-Marshall
Bert Kreischer never fails to entertain his audience.
Jun 7, 2023
James Shurte
Bert Kreischer is a legend in the comedy world. Definitely not missing out on this tour!
Jun 6, 2023
Delee Francis
Bert Kreischer's energy and humor are infectious. This tour is going to be amazing!
Jun 4, 2023
Harry Costelloe
I'm all set for an evening of laughter and fun!
Jun 3, 2023
Morgan Berney
The lineup for this tour looks amazing.
May 8, 2023
David Visnack
Expecting a night of pure comedy brilliance!
Apr 28, 2023
Kevin Mendez
Bert Kreischer's comedy is pure gold. I'm ready to laugh until it hurts!
Apr 21, 2023
Matthew Borden
I've been a fan of Bert Kreischer for years. Finally, the chance to see him in person!
Apr 20, 2023
David Wright
I'm excited to see Bert Kreischer in action!
Apr 20, 2023
Noel Hanson
Bert Kreischer's comedy leaves a lasting impression!
Apr 20, 2023
Lynne Turner
I'm up for a night of pure comedic brilliance!
Apr 18, 2023
Marc Lorah
I've been waiting for this tour! Can't wait to experience Bert Kreischer's hilarious show. 🎉
Apr 11, 2023
Jerry Head
Bert Kreischer's humor is exactly what I need right now.
Apr 5, 2023
John Larner
The Bert Kreischer tour is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy a night of top-notch comedy.
Apr 5, 2023
Thomas Clewett
Bert Kreischer's comedy is pure gold.
Apr 1, 2023
Bob Pfeil
Bert Kreischer's comedy always brightens my day.
Mar 28, 2023
Liang Lin
Bert Kreischer always delivers top-notch comedy.
Mar 23, 2023
Anderson Michael
A night of comedy with Bert Kreischer? Sign me up!
Mar 20, 2023
Reb Rich
This tour is a can't-miss experience!
Feb 27, 2023
There Null
So ready for this tour – it's going to be epic!
Feb 10, 2023
Sandy Anuras
Count me in for an evening of unforgettable entertainment!
Feb 8, 2023
Brian Flickinger
Hilarious comedy is just what I need, and this tour delivers!
Jan 26, 2023
Jeff Bennyhoff
I've never seen Bert Kreischer live, so this is a dream come true!
Jan 17, 2023
Bill Keane
Bert Kreischer's humor is sure to have us in stitches!
Jan 1, 2023
Amit Sood
Count me in for this unforgettable night!
Dec 26, 2022
David Glickman
Bert Kreischer's comedy never disappoints.
Dec 14, 2022
Mike Chilton
Ready to immerse myself in the world of Bert Kreischer's comedy!
Dec 1, 2022
Esen Soydan
I can't wait to attend this tour!
Dec 1, 2022
Emily Englehart
I'm eagerly looking forward to experiencing this comedy tour!
Nov 30, 2022
Kris Everton
I'm marking my calendar for the Bert Kreischer tour. It's going to be epic.
Nov 19, 2022
Mingxiao Lu
I'm eagerly anticipating the hilarity of Bert Kreischer!
Nov 15, 2022
Tom Lazarakis
This tour is going to be a blast!
Nov 13, 2022
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Counting down the days until this amazing comedy tour!
Nov 3, 2022
Stacey Oskam
Bert Kreischer's comedy is a complete game-changer!
Oct 24, 2022
Israel Stoltzfus
This tour is a fantastic opportunity to experience top-notch comedy!
Oct 6, 2022
Shannon Reviere
Bert Kreischer's humor is unmatched.
Oct 2, 2022
Rochelle Sanders
This tour promises an unforgettable evening of entertainment!
Sep 29, 2022
Donnie Littlebuck
So looking forward to seeing Bert Kreischer live. It's going to be an unforgettable experience!
Sep 21, 2022
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I'll be front and center for this unforgettable comedy night.
Sep 16, 2022
Martin Favif
Feeling excited for a night of non-stop laughter!
Sep 4, 2022
Chris Davis
Bert Kreischer is a comedy legend!
Aug 24, 2022
Franziska Nulle
A laughter-filled night awaits at this incredible comedy tour!
Aug 18, 2022
Jun Matsumoto
Excited to see Bert Kreischer live!
Aug 13, 2022
Luke Hathaway
I'm all set for a night of uproarious laughter and fun!
Aug 11, 2022
Omar Ilyas
I can't imagine missing out on this hilarious tour!
Aug 7, 2022
I need a good laugh, and Bert Kreischer is the answer!
Jul 10, 2022
Karen Mosich
I've got my tickets ready for this incredible tour!
Jul 8, 2022
Jon Lindstrom
Bert Kreischer's comedic timing is impeccable. I know this tour is going to be a blast!
Jul 7, 2022
Heather Holtry
This tour is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy comedy at its best!
Jul 4, 2022
I've never laughed so hard as when I watched Bert Kreischer's specials. Can't wait for the live show!
Jul 1, 2022
Tailored Invoicing
Looking forward to some side-splitting comedy!
Jun 23, 2022
Dean Sholar
This tour sounds like a must-see event!
Jun 17, 2022
Tyler Wood
Looking forward to the comedic genius of Bert Kreischer!
Jun 14, 2022
Claudene James
Hilarious, I'm definitely attending!
Jun 9, 2022
Jami Keck
This tour is my ticket to an evening of laughter and joy!
Jun 8, 2022
Doris McCreary
This tour is a must-see for comedy lovers. Bert Kreischer's humor is unmatched!
Jun 3, 2022
I've heard so much about Bert Kreischer's comedy. Looking forward to a night of laughter and fun!
May 26, 2022
Alyson Nelson
I can't think of a better way to spend an evening than at this tour!
May 21, 2022
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I'm looking forward to this tour to lighten up my mood!
May 9, 2022